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Kyle Holland
Born in United States
5 years
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Kyle Joseph Holland


The story of our little boy is a happy one and ultimately a very sad and tragic one as well.  Kyle is very loved by his father's family in Tennessee. We went to extreme measures to make sure we were part of his life, even though we were separated by hundreds of miles. Kyle spent about 6 months out of the year with us, his Nana and Papa in Tennessee. You can tell by the pictures, he was very happy with us. We miss him more than words can say!


 ~ Kyle's Sad Nana and Papa~ Judy & Jerry~

 Great Memaw~ all his Aunts~Uncles~Cousins~( especially his "Crusader for Justice" cousin Tiffany Dailey) and his many extended family members and friends.~


This was the first fish Kyle caught on our farm in Tennessee. He caught it just weeks before he was killed.

 There are so many unanswered questions surrounding his death.


Here is link to another source of story about Kyle:


This is a news story that appeared in the local Mich. paper .


Kyle and Papa




So Loved and Missed!

An article from the local paper


LINCOLN PARK — When Tiffany Dailey heard that her 5-year-old cousin had been killed, she said she was devastated.


 The resident of Maryville, Tenn., said she was further upset when she learned the circumstances of Kyle Holland’s death.

“I was shocked, and I fell to my knees screaming and crying,” Dailey said.

The boy was found dead at about 9:30 a.m. July 12 in his mother’s house in the 1500 block of Empire Street.

His mother, Deborah Holland, 29, found him lying on the floor near his bedroom door. The boy had been mauled and killed by at least one of two dogs that lived in the house, according to police.

No arrests have been made in the death, which the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled a homicide.

Dailey began a digital grass-roots campaign to bring awareness to the boy’s death and is using sites such as Facebook to help her and others share information on the case.

Kyle lived in Lincoln Park with his mother, but Dailey said he spent about six months each year at the home of his grandmother, Judy Finchum of Crossville, Tenn.

Dailey said that from the day after she learned of Kyle’s death, she has been working to find justice for him.

“I’m afraid Kyle won’t get justice,” Dailey said. “I mean, he was a precious little 5-year-old. He was handicapped and never got to attend his first day of kindergarten.”

Kyle was born with his legs turned inward and had surgery to remove an extra bone in his spine. He often wore braces on his legs to help him walk.

Dailey began her digital mission by alerting her Facebook “friends” of Kyle’s death and eventually started a Facebook page called “Justice 4 Kyle Holland.”

People use the page to share information on Kyle’s case and to offer support for the grieving family. They also use the site to post their thoughts about what happened the night Kyle was killed.

As of Friday morning, the page had more than 150 “friends.”


She said she has dedicated her life to the Facebook page.  She updates her status on Facebook several times a day and receives support from hundreds of online friends.

“There is no way our family in Tennessee is going to let Kyle’s homicide remain unresolved,” Dailey said.

Lincoln Park police are investigating the boy’s death.

His mother’s live-in boyfriend, 35, is the owner of the dogs involved in the boy’s death.

Drugs were found in the boyfriend’s car and in the house. Police detained him for three days and released him. His name has not been released because he has not been charged.

Dentists took impressions of the dogs’ teeth, and DNA was taken from the dogs and sent to a lab for testing.

Police Chief Thomas Karnes said Sgt. Joseph Lavis is set to inspect the dogs’ fecal matter for bone particles, and the feces would then be sent to the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Police said they are waiting for the results of the tests to better distinguish which dog was responsible for the attack.

According to the medical examiner’s preliminary report, “multiple crush wounds due to multiple dog bites” caused Kyle’s death.

A more extensive report has not yet been released.

Karnes said the investigation should be ending soon.

“It will conclude in a warrant recommendation with all of the evidence … we are nearing the end,” he said.

Dailey said she hopes the Facebook page, website and police eventually will bring “Justice 4 Kyle Holland.”



Aunt Jo to Leah Avril February 7, 2011
Always in our Heart!



Justice for Kyle! Justice for kyle! Justice for Kyle! 


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